Mulching is essential to the survival of
your landscape during a drought. Mulch
will reduce the amount of water that
evaporates from your soil, greatly

  • Conserve soil moisture
  • Moderate soil temperature
  •  Provide erosion control
  •  Suppress weed growth
  •  Facilitate the establishment of vegetative cover
  •  Improve soil condition
  •  Reduce airborne particulates Conditions Where Practice Applies This practice applies to all lands where mulches are needed.

Mulch materials shall consist of natural and/or artificial materials such as plant residue, wood bark or chips, by- products, gravel, plastic, fabric, animal manure, or rice. Mulching is generally performed after grading, soil surface preparation, and seeding and plantings are complete.

Mulch material shall be evenly applied and anchored to the soil. Tackifiers, emulsions, pinning, netting, crimping or other acceptable methods of anchoring will be used if needed to hold the mulch in place for specified periods.

Where mulch is to be placed around trees and shrubs, re- move all competing vegetation and shape watering saucers as needed so they have an effective depth of four inches.

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Site Preparation

Soil surface shall be prepared prior to the application of the mulch material in order to achieve desired purpose and to ensure optimum contact between soil and mulch. All areas to be mulched shall be reasonably smooth and free of rills, gullies, and debris.

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